Coaching With Nick


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There is no magic bullet and there are a number of factors that have contributed to the challenges you face now.  

Are you fit to lead?

That said, there is one critical factor that is at the root of why guys in their 40’s find themselves out of shape and unable to get back in control despite trying a number of different approaches, like; big gyms, group sessions, gym-based personal training etc.  

We know that the dropoff rate for the big brand diet plans and gym memberships is somewhere around 80% based on the latest studies.  

Keen to know what this one factor is?  

Well in these mainstream approaches we know that the poster boy results are atypical, not typical because the approach is non-specific and not UNIQUE to you and your body.  

Think about it, all these approaches are like giving you someone else's suit and asking you to turn up at their work.  

The suit will not fit and when you turn up at their job it will feel completely alien to you - not good.  

There’s no special magic, silver bullet, but, you can (and need) to create your own path to awesome health -it needs to be unique to you.  


No-one needs coaching, and yes, you can get to you destination on your own. I sell speed and direction.

Imagine you are trying to get to New York from London. You have few choices, you could swim, attach yourself to a beer barrel and float, you could get on a big boat (safer, more reliable) or you could fly (faster, better film selection).

The destination , New York, or in your case more energy, or being fit and strong, is achievable in a few different ways. In very plain terms getting a coach will;

  • Stops you doing stupid stuff that is low impact and uses time you don't have
  • Build the habits that will last - not chasing a shiny system that will last for a few weeks (yes, we have all done the kept things lured into the donut shop!)
  • Fights your corner, even when you don't (calls out your BS, which all need, me more than most)
  • Get results - by applying and holding you to measures and metrics (Data doesn't lie)

The guys I work with all state that the biggest factor to why working with me works when compared to other systems they have tried without success, is the level of accountability and the coaching models, coaching over just instruction."

The difference is huge...  

That said, I have a fairly good understanding of human behaviour and I know that accountability alone is unlikely to move you to take action.  

I think the key differentiating factor is the unique approach and removal of a cookie cutter way of working which so many seem to be hung up on.

Creating your own UNIQUE BLUEPRINT will ensure change and RESULTS...

Here is a short thought experiment for you...

Which is these have you tried?

Now, all, well maybe not all but, most of the above have some really good elements. The job (of a coach) is to get a tick in each of the boxes - Fitness, Nutrition and Accountability

If this is making sense and you have read this far, well done.

Pre-reqeusites to join as an athlete

  • Over 30
  • Under 50
  • Male
  • Understand the need for change in your own life
  • Coachable - be able to listen take action and be open and honest
  • Understand the need to invest in yourself to make a sustainable change
  • Means to fund the coaching relationship (well below the industry standard)

Are you a fit?

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